View Live Events

View a global or targeted feed of ingested events
Event is a powerful event cloud engine that gives developers access to scaleable streams, queues, and workflows. The queue part in that list is pretty important.
We've worked hard with our customers to refine and polish the developer experience to make it easy to view, search and query existing events at any time. We also made it so that query results are brought to you in milliseconds, whether you have processed 10 events or 10 billion events.
To view a list of all streamed events that are queued and prepped for processing

Search using the Developer UI

Global Event Feed

You have access to a global list of all events that have been streamed and
1. Go to the Live Events tab of the dashboard
2. Search for an event using its name (i.e., invoice.created) or platform (i.e., Stripe)
3. Click an event to see its details including headers, body and transactions

Source Event Feed

You can also zero in on a list of events collected from a specific source.
1. Head to the Source tab from the dashboard
2. Click a Source to see its details
3. Select the Events tab to see a feed of events from this source only
4. Search for an event by using its name (i.e., invoice.created)
5. Click an event to see its details including its headers, body and transactions